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COURSE NUMBER:            Math 0372


COURSE TITLE:                  Introductory Algebra


CREDIT HOURS:                 3                      LECTURE HOURS: 3          LAB HOURS: 14


PREREQUISITES:               MATH 0371 passed with a “C” or better or satisfactory placement score.


COREQUISITE:                    Math Academic Resource Lab


CATALOG DESCRIPTION:  A developmental course that introduces elementary algebra with some arithmetic review.  Includes signed numbers and rational numbers with operations through exponentiation; algebraic expressions and their operations; linear equations and inequalities including applications, graphs and systems; and function notation.  The student will learn to select appropriate mathematical techniques and technologies and use skills in information organizing, processing, planning, and problem solving.  This course does not satisfy requirements for any degree plan at Odessa College and will not be accepted by any senior colleges.  Placement testing available.  Attendance is mandatory for TASP liable students.  (SCANS 3,8,9)


TEXTBOOK:                         Elementary and Intermediate Algebra: Concepts and Applications - A Combined Approach by Bittinger, Ellenbogen and Johnson, Third edition, Addison Wesley Publisher, 2002.




            After completing this course, the student should be able to demonstrate competency in:


1.0              Performing algebraic operations with real numbers.


2.0              Solve equations and inequalities and solve applied problems.


3.0              Graph equations and inequalities.


4.0              Verify equivalent expressions and perform basic operations with polynomials.


5.0              Perform polynomial operations and factoring algebraic expressions.




            See Instructor Information Sheet for specific course requirements.



            See Instructor Information Sheet for specific method of evaluation.



            The number of absences is limited to the following:

                                    MWF classes  -   7 absences allowed

                                    TTH or MW classes    -   5 absences allowed

                                    One 3 hour class/week  -  2 absences allowed



            You are expected to create your own assignments and take tests without notes or other outside assistance.  All work is expected to be your own.  If unethical behavior is detected, the instructor will take disciplinary steps consistent with departmental and college policy.



1.                  Tutors available in the Math Academic Resource Center

2.                  Math video tapes

3.                  Computer tutorial software




1.0        To demonstrate competency in algebraic preliminaries, the student should be able to:


1.1       Translate phrases to an algebraic expression and equations.

1.2      Write equivalent expressions using the commutative, associative and distributive laws.

1.3       Compute the sum, difference, product and quotient of fractions.

1.4       Compute sums, differences, products and quotients of integers and rational numbers

1.5       Solve addition and subtraction problems of real numbers with and without a                                                                                number line

1.6       Compute multiplication and division problems of real numbers.

1.7       Demonstrate the basic concepts used with exponents.

1.8       Solve expressions using the order of operations.  


2.0      To demonstrate competency in solving equations and inequalities and solving applied problems, the student should be able to:


2.1       Solve linear equations using the addition and multiplication principles.

2.2       Solve linear equations utilizing the addition and multiplication principles.

2.3       Solve formulas for a specified variable.

2.4       Convert between percent and decimal notation and solve percentage problems.

2.5       Apply the “five steps” to solve algebra problems.

2.6       Solve inequality problems and diagram the results using the properties of addition and multiplication.

2.7       Solve applied problems with inequalities.


3.0       To demonstrate competency in graphing equations and inequalities, the student should be able to:


3.1       Solve problems utilizing graphs.

3.2       Plot points in the rectangular coordinate system.

3.3       Use graphs to illustrate solutions of equations.

3.4       Graph linear equations.

3.5       Label axes intercepts.

3.6       Graphically illustrate rates and rates of change.

3.7       Compute the slope of a line.

3.8       Write and graph a linear equation using the slope-intercept form of an equation.

3.9       Write and graph equations in point-slope form.


4.0       To demonstrate ability in verifying equivalent expressions and performing basic operations with polynomials, the student should be able to:


4.1       Solve problems using the properties of exponents.

4.2       Compute the sum, difference, product and quotient of single variable polynomials.

4.3       Compute the sum, difference, product and quotient of polynomials in several variables.

4.4       Write numbers with negative exponents and scientific notation.

4.5       Add and subtract polynomials.

4.6       Multiply polynomials.

4.7       Evaluate polynomials.

4.8       Divide polynomials by a monomial and binomial.

4.9       Rewrite negative exponents.

4.10          Multiply and divide using scientific notation.


5.0       To demonstrate competency in performing polynomial operations and factoring algebraic expressions, the student should be able to:


5.1       Rewrite an algebraic expression using the greatest common factor technique.

5.2       Factor by grouping.

5.3       Rewrite a perfect square trinomial as a square of a binomial.

5.4       Rewrite algebraic trinomials as a product of binomials.

5.5       Rewrite the difference of two squares as a product of factors.

5.6       Generate the two factors for the sum of two cubes and the difference of two cubes.

5.7       Solve polynomial equations by factoring.



            (Math, Reading, Communication, Technological Literacy, and/or Critical Thinking) 



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