Summer School Instructions Only


For summer school you will have weekly assignments.  You can find all the due dates below.    Summer I is from June 10 - July 11 and Summer II is from July 15 - August 15.  You can work at your own pace through the chapters up until the due date.  The chapter will not be available after the due date.   I DO NOT accept late work.  The FINAL EXAM is the only test proctored.  You will have to come to OC in ET 120 to take the final exam.  You can come up anytime during operational hours to take the final exam when you are ready on the day the final is scheduled.  The Math Tutoring Center is open Monday - Thursday from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.  You must show up by 6:30 pm.  You must get prior permission to take the final exam at another testing center. 

Course Id:  summer I - evans12602
                    summer II - evans27198

All work must be completed by the following dates:
Due Dates:

                                            Homework                                    Test
Summer I:
Chapter 1                                        June  10-14                                                             June 14 or 15 by midnight
            Chapter 2                                        June  14-19                                                             June 19 or 20 by midnight
            Chapter 3                                        June  19-24                                                             June 24 or 25 by midnight
            Chapter 4                                        June  24-July 1                                                        July 1 or 2 by midnight
            Chapter 5                                        July 1- July 9                                                           July 10or 11 by 8:30 pm
                                                                                                                                                    (must be taken at OC)

All homework is due by midnight of the last day assigned above.  Test are due by midnight of the second day expect the Final exam which must be take in ET 120 on the day assigned.  The lab closes at 8:30 pm so you must have it done by that time.

Summer II: 

            Chapter 1                                       July  15 -19                                                           July 19 or 20 by midnight
            Chapter 2                                       July  19-24                                                            July 24 or 25 by midnight
            Chapter 3                                       July   24-30                                                           July 30 or 31 by midnight
            Chapter 4                                       July   30 - Aug 6                                                    Aug 6 or 7 by midnight
            Chapter 5                                       Aug   6 -13                                                            Aug 14 or 15 by 8:30 pm
                                                                                                                                                    (must be taken at OC)

Weekly Routine:
    1.  Complete the weekly discussion board
    2.  Complete the assignment (homework or test) for that week


Discussion Boards: 10%
You are required to post a discussion once a week on the discussion boards and respond to one other students comments.  Your post will be related to the topic for that weeks discussion.  Every Monday a new topic will be posted and you must respond in the manner you are asked and then respond to one other students post.   To post a discussion click on the discussion board button, click on the topic you want to post about, and then click on new thread.  Type in the subject and in the message type in your post.  If you want to respond to someone click on the topic and you will see all the post.  Click on the post and then click on the reply button.  All reading information for Discussion Boards is found under the course information button in MyMath lab. 

     NOTE:  If you have taken a previous course with me there is NOT any study plan now.  It is built into the homework assignments now.  You do not have to do any math lab tutoring time also. 

    Homework:  25%
For each homework assignment you should first go to the class notes tab and click on the first item and find the class notes for the section you are going to be working on and print them.  Then click on the item labeled the chapter you are in and then the section you are in and watch the video over the notes you just printed.  After you watch the video lecture and understand the lecture you can then click on the homework tab and complete the homework for that section.    You may log in and out as many times as needed as long as you get it done by the date and time it is due. 

Notes can also be found at:

      Test: 40%
You are not allowed to log in and out of the test.  Once you start a test you have to finish it.  If you log out you will be given an incomplete and will   not be allowed to answer the rest of the problems.  Test are timed.  You have 90 minutes to complete the test except for the Final which you will have 2 1/2 hours.  The final is comprehensive and can only be taken at Odessa College in the Math Tutoring lab.  You have to score a 50 or above on the final exam to pass the class regardless of what your average is.  This is a department policy that I can not make an exceptions to.  You will be able to use a calculator but no notes.  Your review will mirror your final exam so if you study it you should not have any trouble. 

Click on the Test tab to take a test. 


   Final Exam:  15% 
Final is proctored and you must come to OC to take the final.  The Final Exam will be given in ET 120.   Failure to take final will result in you receiving F for the course.   You have to score a 50 or above on the final exam to pass the class regardless of what your average is.  This is a department policy that I can not make an exceptions to.  You will be able to use a calculator but no notes.  Your review will mirror your final exam so if you study it you should not have any trouble. 

How To Register

You need to register to enter CourseCompass for the first time. After you register, you can log in to CourseCompass to use it.

Before you register, make sure you have:

You can register in one of two ways:

To register for CourseCompass (MyMath lab)  and enroll in your course:

Registering your software.

  Go to

  Choose register under the student section

  Click Next on this screen

  Enter your course ID number ___Summer I: evans12602               
                                                 Summer II: evans27198

Click Find Course 

Verify this information is correct.  Contact your instructor if you think it is not before moving on.    

Click Access Code 

  Enter Your Access Code found in your MyMath lab package

Click Next

  Read License Agreement and click accept

  Choose Yes if you have used MyMath lab before and enter your username and password

Choose No if you have never used MyMath lab before or can not remember your username and password

  If you choose yes, check that all your personal information is still correct and make changes where needed.

If you choose no, create a login name and password for yourself.

Click next

  Enter name, e-mail address, country, school zip (79764) and select your school

Click next

  Select a security question and answer

Click next

  You are finished.   Print this page for your records

  Click Log in now

Once you log in and enter your class, you will need to run the Browser Check to make sure you have all the plug-ins you need on your computer.  You can do this by clicking on the blue words Run Browser Check on the opening screen. 


Summer School Syllabus

Odessa College

Intro to Algebra Algebra-Web Based


Instructor:  Theresa Evans                 ET 127a                      335-6406


E-mail: this is best way to contact me


Course Number: 0372.wb




Credit Hours: 3

A developmental course that introduces elementary algebra with some arithmetic review. Includes signed numbers and rational numbers with operations through exponentiation; algebraic expressions and their operations; linear equations and inequalities including applications, graphs. The student will learn to select appropriate mathematical techniques and technologies and use skills in information organizing, processing, planning, and problem solving. Credit is not transferable. This course does not satisfy requirements for any degree plan at College. Placement testing is available. Attendance is mandatory for TASP/THEA liable students. Lab fee required. (SCANS 3, 8, 9)  Prerequisite: MATH 0371 passes with a C or better or satisfactory placement score.  Corequisite: 14 hours in the Math Academic Resource Lab.


Course Objectives 

1.0             Performing algebraic operations with real numbers.


2.0             Solve equations and inequalities and solve applied problems.


3.0             Graph equations and inequalities.


4.0             Verify equivalent expressions and perform basic operations with polynomials.


5.0             Perform polynomial operations and factoring algebraic expressions


Textbook:  Elementary and Intermediate Algebra; Bittinger, 4e

                   MyMath Lab Software:  all homework done with this software



Online students must have a valid e-mail address to register for computer software. The email address that you use to register your software will be the email address to which I will send any information or announcements.  Please check this account regularly.  It is recommended that you use your Odessa College email address.  All work is done through the internet, so you need internet access. If you do not have access to the internet, you may use the computers in the math lab.



Method of Evaluation:   Discussion Boards: 10%

                                          Homework: 25%

                                          Test:  40%

                                          Final Exam:  25%  and a score of 50 or better


Percentage (%)










Below 60




No Make-up on Homework or Test!! Make prior arrangements.

No Late Homework Accepted.

Student must make a score of 50 or better on the Final Exam or they will not pass   the class.  Regardless of class grade the student will receive an F for the course if they score a 50 or below on the Final Exam. 

Failure to take Final Exam or scoring a 50 or below will result in receiving an F for the class


NOTES:  You can print out the notes for class at


                                    Homework                  Test
Summer I:
Chapter 1                       June  10-14                          June 14 or 15 by midnight
            Chapter 2                       June  14-19                          June 19 or 20 by midnight
            Chapter 3                       June  19-24                          June 24 or 25 by midnight
            Chapter 4                       June  24-July 1                    July 1 or 2 by midnight
            Chapter 5                       July 1- July 9                      July 10 or 11 by 8:30 pm

                                                                                    (Final Exam must be taken at OC)

All homework is due by midnight of the last day assigned above.  Test are due by midnight of the second day expect the Final exam which must be take in ET 120 on day assigned.  The lab closes at 8:30 pm so you must have it done by that time.


Communication plays a vital role in an online students success.  Communication methods for this course include announcements, email, and discussion boards.  You are required to participate in the discussion boards.  Each student should submit 1 meaningful thread in the discussion boards each week.   You will earn credit for meaningful posts to the discussion boards through July 9th.  Idle chitchat and non-meaningful posts will not count towards your grade.  Any emails I receive will be answered within 2 business days. 



You are allowed two attempts on each of the test.  I strongly suggest that you take your first attempt at least one day prior to the due date to allow time for studying your mistakes and improving your grade, if needed.   The final exam is comprehensive and will be proctored.  You have to make a score of 50 or above on the final exam to pass the class.  If your score is below a 50 you will be given an F grade regardless of what your current course score is.  You must present a picture ID before taking the final exam.  All students will take the final exam in the Math Lab located in the OC Mathematics Department.  The final exam is comprehensive and will be due by 8:30 PM on July 11th.  You will not be allowed to bring your cell phone into the final exam area.  If you do not take the final exam, you will receive an F for the course.



Tutoring is available through Developmental Studies and in the OC Math Lab.  The hours for the math lab are Mon-Thurs 8:30 AM 8:30 PM. 



Last day to drop with a W for summer I is July 2nd.  Please contact me to let me know you want to drop so I can make arrangements to be at OC to sign drop slips.   Last day to drop with a "W" for summer II is August 7th. 


Back-Up Plan

You must have a back-up plan for this course in case your primary computer fails during the semester.  Please detail the location of the two computers in your student information sheet.


Cheating Cheating is not tolerated in my class.  The 1st time you are caught cheating on a paper, homework, assignment, or test, you will receive a 0 for that assignment.  The 2nd time you are caught cheating, you will be removed from my class permanently and receive an F for the course.  If you are caught letting someone copy your paper, you will receive the same punishment. 


Office Hours:        No office hours during summer.  Please contact me through e-mail.  If you need to meet with me, please let me know so we can set up a time to meet. 


SPECIAL NEEDS:  Odessa College complies with Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  If you have any special needs or issues pertaining to your access to and participation in this or any other class at Odessa College, please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns.  You may also call the office of Disability Services at 335-6861 to request assistance and accommodations. 


Learning Resource Center (The Library)

The Library, known as the Learning Resources Center, provides research assistance via the LRC's catalog (print books, videos, e-books) and databases (journal and magazine articles). Research guides covering specific subject areas, tutorials, and the "Ask a Librarian " service provide additional help.


Student Email

Please access your Odessa College Student E-mail, by following the link to either set up or update your account: All assignments or correspondence will be submitted using your Odessa College email.


Student Portal


Technical Support

For Blackboard username and password help and for help accessing your online course availability and student email account contact the Student Success Center at 432-335-6878 or online at


Important School Policies

For information regarding student support services, academic dishonesty, disciplinary actions, special accommodations, or student's and instructors' right to academic freedom can be found in the Odessa College Student Handbook.



As part of the Design for Completion initiative, your Odessa College Student Success Coach and faculty mentor will help you stay focused and on track to complete your educational goals. 
If an instructor sees that you might need additional help or success coaching, he or she may submit a Retention Alert. Your Student Success Coach or faculty mentor will contact you to work
toward a solution. 


Expectations for Engagement Online Learning


To help make the web-based learning experience fulfilling and rewarding, the following Expectations for Engagement provide the parameters for reasonable engagement between students and instructors for the online learning environment. Students and instructors are welcome to exceed these requirements.


Reasonable Expectations of Engagement for Instructors


1.     As an instructor, I understand the importance of clear, timely communication with my students. In order to maintain sufficient communication, I will

         provided my contact information at the beginning of the syllabus;

         respond to all messages within 24 hours if received Monday through Thursday and within 48 hours if received Friday through Sunday; and,

         notify students of any extended times that I will be unavailable and provide them with alternative contact information (for me or for my supervisor) in case of emergencies during the time Im unavailable.


2.     As an instructor, I understand that my students will work to the best of their abilities to fulfill the course requirements. In order to help them in this area, I will

         provide clear information about grading policies and assignment requirements in the course syllabus, and

         communicate any changes to assignments and/or to the course calendar to students as quickly as possible.


3.     As an instructor, I understand that I need to provide regular, timely feedback to students about their performance in the course. To keep students informed about their progress, I will

         post grades for discussion postings within one week of the discussion thread closing.

         provide grades for major assignments within 2 weeks of the due date or at least 3 days before the next major assignment is due, whichever comes first.


Reasonable Expectations of Engagement for Students


1.     As a student, I understand that I am responsible for keeping up with the course. To help with this, I will

         line up alternative computer and internet access in case my primary computer crashes or my internet services is unavailable;

         recognize that the college provides free wi-fi and computer labs during regular campus hours to help me with accessing my course; and,

         understand that my instructor does not have to accept my technical issues as a legitimate reason for late or missing work if my equipment or service is unreliable.


2.     As a student, I understand that it is my responsibility to communicate quickly with the instructor any issue or emergency that will impact my involvement with or performance in the class. This includes, but is not limited to

         getting kicked off of the system during tests or quizzes;

         having trouble submitting assignments; and

         dealing with a traumatic personal event.


3.     As a student, I understand that it is my responsibility to understand course material and requirements and to keep up with the course calendar. While my instructor is available for help and clarification, I will

         seek out help from my instructor and/or from tutors;

         ask questions if I dont understand; and,

         access my course several times during the week to keep up with assignments and announcements.