COURSE NUMBER:            Math 0375


COURSE TITLE:                  Intermediate Algebra


CREDIT HOURS:                 3          LECTURE HOURS: 3          LAB HOURS: 14


PREREQUISITES:               MATH 0372 passed with a C or better or satisfactory placement score.


COREQUISITE:                    Math Academic Resource Lab


CATALOG DESCRIPTION:  A developmental course that provides a study of real number operations, linear and quadratic inequalities, exponents and radicals, polynomial and radical equations, and their graphs.  The student will learn to select appropriate mathematical techniques and technologies and use skills in information organizing, processing, planning, and problem solving.  This course does not satisfy requirements for any degree plan at Odessa College and will not be accepted by any senior colleges.  Placement testing available.  Attendance is mandatory for TASP liable students.  (SCANS 3,8,9)


TEXTBOOK:                         Elementary and Intermediate Algebra: Concepts and Applications - A Combined Approach by Bittinger, Ellenbogen and Johnson, Third edition, Addison Wesley Publisher, 2002.




            After completing this course, the student should be able to demonstrate competency in:


1.0              Performing algebraic operations on rational expressions and equations.


2.0              Performing algebraic operations on functions and graphing functions.


3.0              Solving systems of linear equations and applied problems.


4.0              Solving compound and absolute value inequalities, using basic arithmetic operations with rational expressions and solving applied problems.


5.0              Using basic algebraic operations on radicals and complex numbers, simplifying radicals, and solving applied problems with radicals.


6.0              Solving quadratic equations by the technique of completing the square and using the quadratic formula and solving applied problems involving quadratic equations.



            See Instructor Information Sheet for specific course requirements.



            See Instructor Information Sheet for specific method of evaluation.



            The number of absences is limited to the following:

                                    MWF classes  -   7 absences allowed

                                    TTH or MW classes    -   5 absences allowed

                                    One 3 hour class/week  -  2 absences allowed



            You are expected to create your own assignments and take tests without notes or other outside assistance.  All work is expected to be your own.  If unethical behavior is detected, the instructor will take disciplinary steps consistent with departmental and college policy.



1.                  Tutors available in the Math Academic Resource Center

2.                  Math video tapes

3.                  Computer tutorial software



1.0              To demonstrate competency in rational expressions and equations and solving applied problems, the student should be able to:

1.1              Simplify rational expressions.

1.2              Multiply and divide rational expressions.

1.3              Add and subtract rational expressions.

1.4              Simplify complex rational expressions.

1.5              Solve rational equations.

1.6              Solve formulas

1.7              Use rational expressions to solve applied problems.


2.0              To demonstrate competency in using function notation, the student should be able to:

2.1              Determine a function.

2.2              Determine the domain and range.

2.3              Use vertical line test.

2.4              Compute the sum of two functions.

2.5              Compute the difference of two functions.

2.6              Compute the product of two functions.

2.7              Compute the quotient of two functions.

2.8              Compute variation constants.  

2.9              Write an equation of variation. 


3.0              To demonstrate competency in systems of linear equations and applied problems using systems the student should be able to:

3.1              Solve systems of equations in two variables.

3.2              Use systems of two equations to solve applied problems.

3.3              Solve systems of equations in three variables.


4.0              To demonstrate competency in the inequalities and solving applied problems using inequalities the student should be able to:

4.1              Solve inequalities.

4.2              Write solutions using interval notation.

4.3              Graph inequality solutions.

4.4              Solve intersections and union of inequalities.

4.5              Solve absolute value equations and compound inequalities.

4.6              Solve inequalities in two variables.


5.0              To demonstrate competency in the use of exponents and radicals and solve applied problems using exponents and radicals, the student should be able to:

5.1              Simplify square roots and square root functions.

5.2              Simplify cube roots.

5.3              *Rewrite rational exponents and radicals.

5.4              *Simplify radical expressions.

5.5              Compute the sum of radical expressions.

5.6              Compute the difference of radical expressions.

5.7              Compute the product of radical expressions.

5.8              Compute the quotient of radical expressions.

5.9              *Generate the solution to radical equations.

5.10          Solve applied problems using the Pythagorean Theorem.

5.11          *Generate the sum, difference, product and quotient of complex numbers.


6.0              To demonstrate competency in solving quadratic equations by the technique of completing the square and using the quadratic formula and solving applied problems involving quadratic equations, the student should be able to:

6.1              Solve a quadratic equation by the square root method.

6.2              Solve a quadratic equation by completing the square.

6.3              Solve a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula.

6.4              *Generate the solutions to applied problems involving quadratic equations.

6.5              Write quadratic equations from solutions.

6.6              Graph a quadratic function.



            (Math, Reading, Communication, Technological Literacy, and/or Critical Thinking)     



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