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bulletWhat is My Math Lab or  MML?  My Math Lab or MML is a website that organizes interactive tutorials, videos, homework, quizzes, tests, and other resources into learning units for each chapter of the text.  It is powered by Course Compass, not Blackboard.
bulletWhere can I purchase MML?  To purchase an access code for MML, you can visit the bookstore or order online.  Ordering online will save you money and time.  Simply go to and click register under students.  You will see a blue link "purchase online access" above the credit card pictures.  You will need your instructors course id and a debit or credit card.  My course id is on the class webpage.  You can also get FREE temporary access for 17 days or pay using Paypal.  Select the temporary access when asked about the access code.
bulletWhat do I need before I start?  (1) A valid email address (2) a course id from instructors web page (3) My math Lab access kit or a debit or credit card to buy online.
bulletWhat do I do first?  (1) Purchase access code  (2) Register with MML (3) Install plug-ins on all computers you will be using (4) Note all due dates and pace yourself to complete everything on time (5) Check your email daily.  There is also button on each class web page titled 'Orientation Presentation' you can watch and get an idea of the registration process.
bulletRegistering your My Math Lab software:
1.  Go to 
2.  Under Register, click Student.
3.  Enter your instructor's course ID (listed on each class page, get the CORRECT one!) and click Continue.
4.  Sign in with an existing Pearson account or create an account
    *  If you have used a Pearson website, enter your Pearson username and password. 
        Click Sign In.
If you do not have a Pearson account, click Create.  Write down your new Pearson
        username and password to help you remember them.
5.  Select an option to access your instructor's online course:
     *  Use the access code that came with your textbook or that you purchased
         separately from the bookstore.
     *  Buy access using a credit card or PayPal.
     *  Get 17 days of temporary access. (Look for a link near the bottom of the page.)
6.  Click Go To Your Course on the conformation page. 
bulletRetaking or continuing a course?
If you are retaking this course or enrolling in another course with the same book (Introductory Algebra and Intermediate Algebra use the same book), be sure to use your existing Pearson username and password.  You will not need to pay again.
bulletTake a Tour:  Click on the words "Take A Tour"  There are four different tours you can take.  Pick the one that best suits you. 

1.  Explore Course Compass: Use the tools available on the main Course Compass page, which is the starting point for all your courses. You also learn about the basic parts of most Course Compass courses.

2.  Register & enroll using an access code: Register for CourseCompass when you have an access code, which is included in the access kit that comes with your new textbook.
Note: If you did not buy a new textbook, you may be able to purchase a separate access code kit from your bookstore. If not, contact your instructor.

3.  Register & enroll by purchasing online: Register, enroll, and pay for a course online if you don't have an access code. You can pay for your course using a credit card or a PayPal account.

4.  Enroll in another course: Sign up for another semester of a course that uses the same book, change sections within a course, retake a course, or take a new course when you already have a login name and password.

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Technical Support:  If you are unable to install the necessary software and plug-ins or the program is not running properly, you may contact the MyMathLab Student Support Line at:  1-800-677-6337
              Mon-Fri, 8am to 8pm
              Sun, 5pm to 12am
             (All times are Eastern Standard Time, U.S. and Canada)