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Math 0372 Introductory Algebra Web based  

**Check your email daily and read course announcements each time you log on to

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bulletYou are responsible for thoroughly reading my website for all course information.  Let me know if you have any questions about what you are expected to do in this class.  You need to (1) Register your access code (2) Run the Browser check and (3) For each chapter  (a) Take the Pretest (b) do lecture & homework (c) take a post test and (d) post a response to the discussion board topic.

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bulletGetting Started
You need need to read my web page "My Math Lab Information" to get all of the details about the My Math Lab access that will be used in this class.   It is powered by Course Compass, not Blackboard.  You need to purchase the My Math Lab access code.  You do not need to purchase a book for this class.
bullet Instructions for registering with the computer software are on the My Math Lab Info page.  COURSE ID for fall 2015 math 0372.W02C is handley16642.  Make sure this is THE class you are taking or you may have to buy another access code.
bulletRegistering your My Math Lab access code:
1.  Go to 
2.  Under Register, click Student.
3.  Enter your instructor's course ID (listed on each class page, get the CORRECT one!) and click Continue.
4.  Sign in with an existing Pearson account or create an account
    *  If you have used a Pearson website, enter your Pearson username and password. 
        Click Sign In.
If you do not have a Pearson account, click Create.  Write down your new Pearson username and password to help you remember them.
5.  Select an option to access your instructor's online course:
     *  Use the access code that came with your textbook or that you purchased
         separately from the bookstore.
     *  Buy access using a credit card or PayPal.
     *  Get 17 days of temporary access. (Look for a link near the bottom of the page.)
6.  Click Go To Your Course on the conformation page.          
bulletThe Student Support number is 1-800-677-6337.  Mon - Fri 9 am - 6pm EST

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bulletCourse Information
TechnologyYou must have a valid e-mail address.  All work is done through the internet, so you need good internet access.  If you do not have internet access, you may use the computers in the math lab.  All work is submitted online as soon as you finish. 
        Grade:   Homework  35%  Tests 30% Final Exam 20% Scavenger Hunt & Discussion Board 15%  You will receive an 'F' if you do not take the final exam.
         Pacing:  This course is not a self-paced course.   All material and assignments are date specific and must be followed.  The course is broken up by chapters with weekly due dates.   The chapters will have to be completed by the due dates and test taken in the time frame provided.  If you do not finish by the due date, you will get a grade on what you completed and given zeros for what you did not complete. 

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bulletAssignments are posted in the program. 
bullet Click here for the SCAVENGER HUNT which is due Sept 14.
bullet  All assignments are due by midnight on the due day.



Homework & Post-test Available/Due


Pretest, 1.1 - 1.8

8-24 - 9-3


Pretest, 2.1 - 2.6

9-3 - 9-14


Pretest, 3.1 - 3.7

9-14 - 9-24


Pretest, 4.1 - 4.8

9-24 - 10-6


5.1 - 5.4

10-6 - 10-14 No post test
Final exam   10-11 - 10-14


bullet Free Tutoring available   Math Lab in WMS room 201
Mon - Thurs 8:30 am - 8:30 pm, Fri 8:30 am - 1 pm & Sun 2- 5 pm
No appointment is needed.

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bulletChapter procedure:  For each chapter you will
(1) Take the Pre-test, skills you master will be credited on your homework  (2) do the lecture and homework (3) Take the Post-test (4) Post a response to the discussion board topic.
bulletLECTURE &  HOMEWORK 35% of Grade:
Every section has two homework assignments, one labeled lecture and one labeled homework.  Both must be completed.  You can get in and out of this section as needed.  When you log out the software will save everything you did and let you pick up where you left off. 

1.  Log into your course
2.   Click on the Homework button on the left
2.   Click on the assignment you need
3.   Do the homework.  The homework will be automatically graded and recorded in your grade book.  When you are working in the homework, you must click on the next problem number to get to the next problem.  Only the homework that is available will be shown.  Some problems have a video camera next to them.  If you click on the camera, you will get the video lecture again about that specific type of problem.
bulletFOR TESTS  30% of Grade : 
You are not allowed to log in and out of the test.  Once you start a test you have to finish it.  If you log out, you will be given an incomplete and will not be allowed to answer the rest of the problems.  Tests are timed.  You have 70 minutes to complete the chapter tests and  150 minutes for the final exam.   Do not use notes or book on the tests.

1.  Log into your course
2.  Click on Test button on the left
2.  Click on the test you need to take under 'Assigned Test'.  It will have my name in the title.  There are practice tests in the bottom section that you can take, but they don't count towards your grade.  The graded test will not be visible until the dates that is is available to take.
bulletDiscussion Board and Scavenger Hunt 15% of grade
1.  You are responsible for completing the Scavenger hunt and emailing it to me.  There is a link to it in the middle of this page.  Include your name and class.
2.  You are responsible for posting on the discussion board each week.

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To access your grades at any time click on the Grade book button
bullet Course Syllabi

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