Student Responsibilities


This sheet highlights important student responsibilities for this course. Please sign this sheet to indicate that you fully understand what is expected of you. If you need to discuss any of the points on this sheet, please see Dr. Street.


1.       I have read the course information sheet and understand how my semester grade will be determined.

2.       I know I can obtain help on concepts covered in class during the Dr. Streetís office hours or in the Math Lab in ET 120.

3.       I understand that there are no make-ups for missed quizzes or tests.

4.       I understand that the dropped quizzes and replacement of the lowest test grade with the final exam grade are there to accommodate days when I cannot attend class either due to illness or other reasons.

5.       I understand that I am not to be a distraction in class. (No cell phones, no pagers, no chatting, no reading newspapers, etc.) All cell phones should be off prior to entering the classroom.

6.       I understand that it is my responsibility to keep track of my progress in class and to seek advice from Dr. Street if I find I am not performing to my personal expectations.

7.       I understand that there are no extra credit assignments offered in this class.

8.       I understand that all assignments to be turned in and all quizzes/exams should be written in pencil.

9.       I know the date of the final exam, and I understand that I am not allowed to take it before this date. I will promptly inform my family and friends of this date in anticipation that they might buy me an airline ticket to go home at the end of the term without regard to my schedule of final exams. I understand that if I do find myself in this dilemma, I will have to make a choice between failing the class and rearranging my travel plans.

10.  If I participate in OC sponsored activities such as athletics, student government, etc., I understand that I should speak to the professor prior to the absence to make arrangements for missed work.

11.  I understand that if I am absent for any reason, including OC sponsored activities, it is my responsibility to get the notes from a classmate. Dr. Street will not provide the notes. I also understand that assignments will be posted at the web site for the course.

12.  I understand that if I have an alternate learning pattern and require special arrangements for testing, quizzes, etc., I will notify the professor at the beginning of the semester.

13.  I understand that each OC math class has certain requirements for enrollment such as certain standardized test scores and prerequisites. I have checked these and verified that I am able to be in this math class.

14.  I know where Dr. Streetís website is located, and I understand that I can find information about this course, including the syllabus, on this website.

15.  I understand that a scientific calculator is required for this course and that a cell phone is not a scientific calculator. I understand that I may not have a cell phone out during a test or quiz.


I have carefully read the course syllabus and the student responsibilities sheet for Dr. Streetís math class, and I have been given an opportunity to ask questions about the course and its requirements.



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