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MATH 0372: Introductory Algebra WB

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Homework Procedures

Follow the procedures listed below for each section of the Chapter:

Go to  or new website for future reference: and login to our course.  Your course should open in the announcements page.


1.  Click on the Play Section Video button, if available.  (Note:  You must have installed the Real-One Player using the Installation Wizard.)

2.  After watching the video with the lectures and examples, click on the exercises included for the section. ( Do required problems. These are not factored into your grade for your homework assignment.  These are to get you ready to do your homework.)


1.  From the announcements page, click on DO HOMEWORK button.

2.  Click on the section you want to do.

3.  Do homework.   (Once you have marked your answer, scroll down and click on the "Check Answer" button.  Make sure when you finish a problem before you click the next button at the top right corner to go to the next problem.

Follow the above steps for next section.

If you have any questions, please call me or e-mail me.  You are able to check your grade book and look under homework and be able to tell if you have completed the proper assignments.


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