Ariela Lange, Associate Professor of Mathematics
MATH 0372: Introductory Algebra WB

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WEB 0372 - 8week course

All homework will be available online at the beginning of the course. It must be submitted via the internet – NOT HANDED TO ME! You can print the problems, work them, and get back online to type in your answers.


Lecture Topic

week 1

Pre-Test1,1.1-1.8 , Review Ch.1 &DB1


week 2

 Chapter 1 Test, Pre-Test2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 &DB2


week 3

2.5-2.7, Review Ch.2, Chapter 2 Test, Pre-Test3 &DB3


week 4

3.1-3.7 , Review Ch.3 & DB4



week 5

Chapter 3 Test, Pre-Test4, 4.1-4.5 &DB5


week 6

4.6-4.8, Review Ch.4, Chapter 4 Test, Pre-Test5 &DB6


week 7 5.1-5.4,Chapter 5 Test & Review for Final &DB7

week 8                     Final Exam at OC on 3/3 and 3/4

Ariela Lange, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Odessa College
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