Ariela Lange, Associate Professor of Mathematics
MATH 0371.WB

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WHAT is MyMathLab or MML?  My Math Lab (MML) is a website that organizes interactive tutorials, videos, homework, quizzes, tests, and resources into learning units for each chapter of the course.  It is powered by Course Compass, not Blackboard.

WHERE CAN I purchase MML?  To purchase an access code for MML, visit the bookstore, call (915-335-6655) or order online from the bookstore at Odessa College. Ordering online will save you more time.  Simply go to , go to bookstore and order your software.

WHAT DO I need before I start?  (1) A valid email address  (2)  a course instructor’s web page (3) My Math Lab access code.

WHAT DO I do first?  (1)  Purchase access code   (2) Register with MML   (3)  Install plug-ins on all computers you will be using   (4)  Note all due dates and pace yourself to complete everything on time   (5)  Check your email daily.  There is also a button on each class page titled ‘Orientation Presentation’ that you can watch and get ideas on the registration process.

*            1.  Start at or new website for future reference:  
         2.  Choose register under the student section.
         3.  Click 'next' on this screen
         4.  Make sure 'No, I am a new user' has the black dot.  Type in your six-word access    code found in your software, the school zip code (79764), and United States in the county.  Click 'next'
         5.  Enter your course ID number given to you by the instructor. Click 'next'
         6.  Enter your personal information on this screen.  Your e-mail must be valid.  Enter what you want your log-in name and  password to be.  Make sure you remember this because your instructor can not access your personal password.  Select and answer a security question.  If you forget your password, this is the only way to retrieve the information.  Click 'next'
         7.  If you get the Confirmation and Summary page you are registered and can begin working.  If you don't, look at what is typed in red at the top of the page.  That is telling you what you need to change.  Make changes and click 'next' to see if it will take the changes.  Click 'Log in now' when you are on the Confirmation and Summary page. 


Ariela Lange, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Odessa College
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