MRKG 1311.W1C - Principles of Marketing
Sue Jones ]

Spring 2014

Concepts, terminology, principles, theories, and issues in the field of marketing.



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Welcome to the Principles of Marketing Web Class.  Please follow steps 1 thru 4 below for all the information on how to take this course.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 


Required Text:   Marketing with Connect Plus, 4th edition; Grewall & Levy; McGraw-Hill.  ISBN 9780077801953.

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Step 1:

Complete Student Information Form.  I will be communicating with you using your Odessa College Student Email Account.  If you do not have a student email account, please activate your account by following the instructions found on the OC web site.  After you have submitted your completed form, you should continue with Step 2.

Step 2:

Read the General Information page (Syllabus).  This will give you all the information you need to complete this course.  (Course Description, Grading, Lesson Submission, etc.)  After you have read the information page, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3:

Lesson Due Dates - every lesson has a specific date that it is due.  Late lessons will be penalized with a point deduction for each day the lesson is late.  Proceed to Step 4

Step 4:

Get the lessonsConnect Website: Online registration instructions:  Go to the website and click the "register now" button.  This is unique address for MRKG 1311.W1C.  Registration opens 1-20-14







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MRKG 1311.W1C
Principles of Marketing Syllabus
It is the student's responsibility to check the online syllabus for updates

Instructor's Comments:  This course is an overview of the field of study generally called Marketing.  This course will help you make better decisions for your organization regarding how to best position and sell your company and its goods or services and yourself as a consumer.  Be sure to read and follow the instructions found below and also for each assignment.  To be successful in the course you should:

  • allow plenty of time to do the assignments. The assignments are not designed to be done quickly. Set aside several hours each week to specifically work on this course.
  • pay close attention to the due date for each lesson. There are penalties for late work.
  • arrange to attend the Community Leadership Meetings discussed below early in the semester.
  • contact me at any time during the semester with questions, comments, or other issues regarding this course. I look forward to hearing from you.

Course Description:  Introduction to the marketing functions and process. Includes identification of consumer and organizational needs and explanation of environmental issues. (52.1401) (3-0) 3 credit hours. ICO's 1,2,3,4,5,6. Prerequisite:  None

Required Text:   Marketing with Connect Plus, 4th edition; Grewall & Levy; McGraw-Hill.  ISBN 9780077801953. This book may be purchased from the Odessa College Bookstore or from an online book seller.  Instructor will provide instructions for registering on the Connect Marketing Site.

Class Website:                                                  

Connect Website:  Online registration instructions:  Go to the website and click the "register now" button.  This is unique address for MRKG 1311.W1C.   Registration instructions pdf

Instructor's Office Hours:

Course Goals and Outcomes:  Upon successful completion of this course, student will be prepared to

  • To identify the marketing mix components in relation to market segmentation
  • To explain the economic, psychological, sociological and global factors which influence consumer and organizational decision-making processes
  • To interpret market research data to forecast industry trends and meet customer demands
  • To outline a marketing plan

Course Expectations:  This is a college level course and you will, therefore, be expected to uphold established college standards as outlined in the most recent Odessa College Catalog.  Your final grade will be based upon a combination of the following factors:

  1. Preparedness
  2. Ability to relate and apply the concepts discussed in the course
  3. Scores on assignments
  4. Attendance of a minimum of 4 community leadership meetings
  5. Score on final exam

The instructor's office hours and phone number are listed above.  Please do not hesitate to utilize this time to discuss any course-related topic.

Business Leadership students are encouraged to make an appointment with Connie Nichols or Sue Jones to discuss both academic and career goals toward the end of each long semester.

Departmental and Instructor Course Requirements, Evaluation Methods, and Grading Policy: There are projects and/or assignments associated with this course as well as a Final Exam. The assignments must be completed and turned in by the due date. Students are required to attend a minimum of 4 community leadership meetings during each semester. Check the meeting located on the instructor's website for a list of organizations, meeting dates and times, and instructions.

All lessons (assignments) have due dates. Student should contact instructor regarding late assignments and arrangements made to submit late work. Points will be deducted for each day the assignment is late. Each Lesson will have multiple assignments associated with a particular chapter in the book and your grade will be a compilation of the following categories:

  • Quizzes                                       20%

  • Essay Questions                           25%

  • Interactive Presentations               5%

  • Case Analysis/Video Cases           20%

  • Interactive Activities                   15%

  • Community Leadership Meetings    10%

  • Final Exam                                     5%

Lessons will be available beginning the first day of class. Lessons are completed online – all are interactive on the Connect Plus website. You may work on the assignments and save your progress; however, the lesson may only be submitted for grading once. If you experience technical difficulties, please contact me. Also, the McGraw-Hill Connect website has user support including a computer diagnostic tool to make sure your computer is updated.

The projected cutoff point for A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s are based on a 90%, 80%, 70%, and 60%, respectively.  At the end of the semester these projected cutoff points will be adjusted (i.e. raised or lowered) in order to reflect the overall performance of the class.  Thus the actual grade will not be known with certainty until after the semester is over.

Student will receive an updated grade sheet along with any graded assignments and any comments or suggestions regarding the work submitted. If work is submitted before the due date, it will be evaluated after the due date.

Success Coaches: The Odessa College Student Success Coaches will help you stay focused and on track to complete your educational goals.  If an instructor sees that you might need additional help or success coaching, he or she may submit a Retention Alert or a Starfish Alert.  A Student Success Coach will contact you to work toward a solution.

If you consider withdrawing or dropping this class, please contact the instructor who will provide information regarding withdrawals, dropping a class or receiving an incomplete.

Business Leadership should be aware that a grade of a “C” or better is necessary to meet the degree or certificate requirements.

Student E-mail:  If you have not already accessed your Odessa College Student E-mail, please follow the link to set up your account: 

Objective of the Business Leadership Department:  The primary object of the business leadership program is to prepare each student for employment by providing skills training in critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, communication, self-management, and leadership.  The business leadership  program is not intended to serve as preparatory work toward a baccalaureate degree.  Students planning to pursue a four-year degree should consult the upper level institution of their choice regarding transferability of courses.

Department Web site:  Business Leadership Department

Business Leadership Department Philosophy:  Marketing is the core of all business practices - from the mom and pop neighborhood store to Fortune 500 companies.  To help students understand this broad based concept, the following acronym has been created by Sue Jones and Connie Nichols, instructors in the Business Leadership Department of Odessa College:

  • M - managing
  • A - all
  • R - resources,
  • K - knowledge and
  • E - efforts
  • T - toward
  • I - intentionally
  • N- navigating
  • G - gains

Tuition Discounts

The “First Course is Free” discount waives standard tuition and fees for the first 3 credit hours taken at Odessa College. The discount applies to high school graduates taking their first class at Odessa College as well as transfer students taking their first class at Odessa College.

The “Academic Progress Discount” provides a 10% tuition discount upon completion of 30 credit hours until reaching 45 credit hours. It provides a 20% discount upon completion of 45 credit hours until reaching 60 credit hours. Student must maintain a 2.0 GPA to remain eligible for the discount.

Academic Policies

Note that the OC Student Handbook states (page 32) that “[i]n cases of academic dishonesty, the instructor has the authority to impose appropriate scholastic penalties. Complaints or appeals of disciplinary sanctions may be filed in accordance with the college due process procedure. Copies of the college due process procedure are available in the office of The Director of Student Life (CC104).”

For more information on your rights and responsibilities as a student at Odessa College, please refer to the following: The 411 of OC: Student Handbook 2012-2013; Student Rights & Responsibilities

Scholastic Dishonesty

Scholastic dishonesty shall constitute a violation of these rules and regulations and is punishable as prescribed by board policies. Scholastic dishonesty shall include, but not be limited to, cheating on a test, plagiarism and collusion.

"Cheating on a test" shall include:

  • Copying from another student's test paper
  • Using test materials not authorized by the person administering the test.
  • Collaborating with or seeking aid from another student during a test without permission from the test administrator.
  • Knowingly using, buying, selling, stealing or soliciting, in whole or in part, the contents of an unadministered test.
  • The unauthorized transporting or removal, in whole or in part, of the contents of the unadministered test.
  • Substituting for another student, or permitting another student to substitute for one's self, to take a test.
  • Bribing another person to obtain an unadministered test or information about an unadministered test.
  • "Plagiarism" shall be defined as the appropriating, buying, receiving as a gift, or obtaining by any means another's work and the unacknowledged submission or incorporation of it in one's own written work.
  • "Collusion" shall be defined as the unauthorized collaboration with another person in preparing written work for fulfillment of course requirements. (Source: Odessa College Student Handbook 2012-2013, page 29-30)

Special Populations/Disability Services/Learning Assistance

Odessa College complies with Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you have any special needs or issues pertaining to your access to and participation in this or any other class at Odessa College, please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns. You may also call the Office of Disability services at 432-335-6861 to request assistance and accommodations.

Odessa College affirms that it will provide access to  programs, services and activities to qualified individuals with known disabilities as required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), unless doing so poses an undue hardship or fundamentally alters the nature of the program or activity Disabilities may include hearing, mobility or visual impairments as well as hidden disabilities such as chronic medical conditions  (arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disorders, lupus, seizure disorders, etc.), learning disabilities or psychiatric or emotional disabilities. A student who comes to Odessa College with diagnosed disabilities which may interfere with learning may receive accommodations when the student requests them and submits proper documentation of the diagnosis. A Request for Accommodations form and guidelines for beginning the request process are available in the OC Help Center or on the Odessa College web site at The college strives to provide a complete and appropriate range of services for students with disabilities such as assistance with testing, registration, information on adaptive and assistive equipment, tutoring, assistance with access and accommodations for the classroom where appropriate. For information regarding services, students with disabilities should contact the Office of Disability Services in the OC Help Center located in Room 204 of the Student Union Building or call 432-335-6433. (Source: Odessa College Catalog of Courses 2012-2013, page 52)

Dropping a Course or Withdrawing from College

Students wishing to drop a non-developmental course may do so online using WebAdvisor, at the Wrangler Express, or Registrar’s Office. A student wishing to drop a developmental course or withdraw from college should obtain a drop or withdrawal form from the Wrangler Express or the Registrar’s Office. Students are encouraged to consult with instructors prior to dropping a class. Students may not completely withdraw from the college by use of the Web. Students must drop a class or withdraw from college before the official withdrawal date stated in the class schedule. Students who are part of the Armed Forces Reserves may withdraw with a full refund if the withdrawal is due to their being ordered into active duty. A copy of the student’s orders must be presented to the Registrar’s Office at the time of the withdrawal. For details, please contact the Office of the Registrar. No longer attending class does not automatically constitute withdrawal from that class, nor does a student’s notification to an instructor that the student wishes to be dropped. Failure of a student to complete the drop/withdrawal process will result in a grade of “F.” (Source: Odessa College Catalog of Courses 2012-2013, page 36)


Blackboard Support

I can’t log into my Blackboard Course, who do I contact?
Contact the Student Success Center: 432-335-6673 or online at The SSC can provide you with your Blackboard login name. If you are not sure what your password is, they can reset your password.

I’m having a problem in my Blackboard Course, who do I contact?
For any problem that you have in your online course, always contact your Instructor first. Refer to the Instructor’s Contact Information area of the Syllabus for their preferred method of contact and the expected response time.

Additional Blackboard Help Resources:
Service Assistance Provided Available
Blackboard Help for Students Website with a searchable list of topics on how to navigate and use Blackboard for online courses. Online
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Blackboard On Demand Learning Center for Students This website provides an extensive list of short tutorial videos for student activities performed in Blackboard. Online
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Support for Students with Disabilities

How do I contact the Office of Special Populations?

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Equipment and Services Provided:
The Murry H. Fly Learning Resources Center (LRC) supports the college's curriculum resulting in a primary emphasis on each student's individual study and research needs. The faculty and staff work with the LRC's Technical Services and Public Services Departments in choosing materials to support all college programs. More than 59,000 books, 50,000 electronic books, 350 current periodicals, 6,700 media holdings, eight newspapers, and 60 databases are available to enhance the educational process.

Equipment/Services Available Used For Available
Books, videos, CDs Research On Campus and Online
Specialized databases not available online for free Research On Campus and Online
Magazines, newspapers, & scholarly journals Research On Campus and Online
Computers Research & word processing On Campus
Selected textbooks for short-term use Course work On Campus
Trained staff Answer "where do I find?" On Campus and Online
Tutorials Tips for research strategies On Campus and Online
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The purpose of the Odessa College Student Success Center is to provide assistance to students in meeting their academic and career goals. The SSC strives to continually provide new and updated resources that will empower all Odessa College students to succeed at OC and beyond.

Equipment/Services Available Used For Available
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General inquiries about Odessa College, such as admission requirements, financial aid, educational programs, etc., should be addressed directly to the College and not to the Commission’s office.


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MRKG 1311.WB- Principles of Marketing
Spring 2014 Schedule


Due Date


1-27-14 Lesson 1 - Chapters 1 & 2

Overview of Marketing
Developing Marketing Strategies and a Marketing Plan

Chapter 1 Interactive Power Point - Learning Objectives
Chapter 1 Case: The Yogurt Wars
Chapter 2: Interactive Power Point - Learning Objectives
Chapter 2: Toolkit: SWOT
Chapter 2: Quiz
Chapter 2: Essay Questions
2-3-14 Lesson 2 - Chapters 3 & 4

Social and Mobile Marketing
Marketing Ethics

Chapter 3: Learning Objectives
Chapter 3: Video Case
Chapter 4: Learning Objectives
Chapter 4: Interactive Activities
Chapters 3 & 4 : Essay Questions
Chapters 3 & 4: Quiz
2-10-14 Lesson 3 - Chapter 5

Analyzing the Marketing Environment


Chapter 5: Learning Objectives
Chapter 5: Video Case
Chapter 5: Case
Chapter 5: Essay Questions
Chapter 5: Quiz
2-17-14 Lesson 4 - Chapters 6, 7 & 8

Consumer Behavior
Business-to-Business Marketing
Global Marketing

Chapter 6: Learning Objectives
Chapter 7: Learning Objectives
Chapter 8: Learning Objectives
Chapter 6: Video Case
Chapter 7: Interactive Activity
Chapter 8: Case Analysis
Chapters 6,7&8 Essay Questions
Chapters 6,7&8 Quiz
2-24-14 Lesson 5 - Chapter 9 & 10

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Marketing Research

Chapter 9 Learning Objectives
Chapter 10 Learning Objectives
Chapter 9 Video Case
Chapter 10 Case Analysis
Chapters 9&10 Essay Questions
Chapters 9&10 Quiz
3-3-14 Lesson 6 - Chapters 11 & 12

Product, Branding and Packaging Decisions
Developing New Products

Chapter 11 Leaning Objectives
Chapter 11 Drop and Drag
Chapter 12 Learning Objectives
Chapter 12 Video Case
Chapter 12 Drag and Drop
Chapter 11 Essay Questions
Chapter 12 Quiz
3-17-14 Lesson 7 - Chapter 13

Services: The Intangible Product

Chapter 13 Learning Objectives
Chapter 13 Case
Chapter 13 Drag and Drop
Chapter 13 Video Case
Chapter 13 Essay Questions
Chapter. 13 Quiz
3-24-14 Lesson 8 - Chapter 14

Pricing Concepts for Establishing Value

Chapter 14 Learning Objectives
Chapter 14 Video Case
Chapter 14 Drag and Drop
Chapter 14 Essay Questions
Chapter 14 Quiz
3-31-14 Lesson 9 - Chapter 15

Strategic Pricing Methods

Chapter 15 Learning Objectives
Chapter 15 Case
Chapter 15 Quiz
Chapter 15 Essay Questions
4-7-14 Lesson 10 - Chapters 16 & 17

Supply Chain and Channel Management
Retailing and Multichannel Marketing

Chapter 16 Learning Objectives
Chapter 16 Video
Chapter 17 Learning Objectives
Chapter 17 Drag and Drop
Chapter 17 Video Case
Chapter 17 Case
Chapter 16 & 17 Quiz
4-14-14 Lesson 11 - Chapter 18

Integrated Marketing Communications

Chapter 18 Learning Objectives
Chapter 18 Case
Chapter 18 Video Case
Chapter 18 Quiz
Chapter 18 Essay Questions

Lesson 12 - Chapter 19

Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Promotion

Chapter 19 Learning Objectives
Chapter 19 Interactive Activities
Chapter 19 Case
Chapter 19 Quiz
Chapter 19 Essay Questions
4-28-14 Lesson 13 - Chapter 20

Personal Selling and Sales Management

Chapter 20 Learning Objectives
Chapter 20 Video Case
Chapter 20 Quiz
Chapter 20 Essay Question
5-5-14 Final Exam Final Exam Essay


Holidays: January 20, 2014 - Martin Luther King Day (College Closed)
March 10-15, 2014 –Spring Break (College Closed)
April 18, 2014 - Good Friday (College Closed)
Last Day to Drop:  April 16, 2014
Last Class Day:  May 10, 2014
Graduation May 17, 2014


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