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Dr. Brian K. Dille

Dr. Brian K. Dille has taught U.S. and Texas Government at Odessa College since 1978. Dr. Dille has taught both Government 2301 and 2302, team taught a U.S. History-American Government course, taught an honors American and Texas Government course, and has also taught a special section of Government 2301 for nursing, allied health, and pre-med majors. Currently he teaches Federal Government 2305, Texas Government 2306 and the web/Internet courses for both 2305 and 2306. 

Dr. Dille has also taught Civil Liberties and Constitutional Law as an adjunct at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.  In addition to the telecourses, Dr. Dille has taught interactive video government classes and currently teaches web courses.  He earned his Masters in Government from the University of Texas at Austin and his doctorate in education from Texas Tech University. 

Dr. Dille has won several awards.  In 1991 he earned a NISOD Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Texas at Austin.  He was chosen as the Odessa College Minnie Stephens Piper Nominee for Teaching Excellence in 1990-91.  In 1989-90 he was chosen as Odessa College CAHOOTS Teacher of the Year.  In 1993 he won the first division research award from the National University of Continuing Education Association and in 1992 he won the Wedemeyer Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Distance Education for research and coauthoring an article on high risk community college telecourse students.  He was also elected president of the Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA) in 1993-94.  In 1999, the Texas College Reading and Learning Association and the Texas Association for Developmental Education recognized Dr. Dille, as TCCTA Legislative Committee Chair, for his legislative testimony on behalf of community colleges during the 1999 Texas legislative session.   In 2003 Dr. Dille was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for his years of service in TCCTA.

Dr. Dille's publications include: "The Impact of Texas's Fiscal Conservatism and Anti-Government Philosophy" in the 13th edition of Maxwell & Crain's Texas Politics Today; "The Negative Impact of Texas' Fiscal Conservatism and Antigovernmental Philosophy," in Maxwell & Crain's 12th edition of Texas Politics Today; "Legislative Redistricting and the 2002 Elections" in Maxwell & Crain's 11th edition of Texas Politics Today; "The Urban Crisis and the ETJ-The Savior of Texas Cities" in Maxwell & Crain's 10th edition of Texas Politics Today; "The Changing Political Environment for Interest Groups in Texas: A Cause for Celebration" in the 9th edition of Maxwell & Crain's Texas Politics Today; "Identifying Predictors of High Risk Among Community College Telecourse Students" in The American Journal of Distance Education (as coauthor); a similar article (as coauthor) in Video-based Telecommunications in Distance Education; and an Instructor's Manual and Test Bank for Gary Halter's The Government and Politics of Texas.

Dr. Dille earned his Bachelors of Arts with a Political Science major and Spanish minor from Illinois State University, his Master of Arts in Government from the University of Texas at Austin, and his doctorate in Higher Education at Texas Tech University.   






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