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Welcome to Dr. Dille's Federal Government 2305 Web Course for Summer II 2008!

Welcome Government 2305 Web 
for Summer II 200


  • The first day of class is July 7, for the Summer II 2008 semester. 

  • Before starting the course please fill out the Student Information Bio, then fill out the Web Checklist (click the blue text to open the two questionnaires). by 10 pm Wed. July 9- 5 bonus points each 

  • Students  will not be able to login into the course until the first class day. Login instructions to Blackboard are located at http://www.odessa.edu/virtual/bblogin.htm.

  • Click on all of the buttons on this webpage and read through the course info to familiarize yourself with the assignments (2 web assignments and 2 discussion topics), the exams (4 on-line and a final exam on campus) and other policies and requirements of the course.  I encourage you to print out the info and put in a 3-ring binder for easy reference.  ( I even do it myself!)    

  • NEW OC Email Policy: All OC students MUST use their OC student email address for all OC business and courses.  All emails the instructor sends out will be to students' OC student email addresses.  After Wednesday, July 9, only student emails using the OC email address will be answered.  To access your student email, go to the OC webpage at http://www.odessa.edu/ and in the upper right hand corner you will find "Quick Links" and beneath that the "Blackboard" and "Student Email" links

  • Technical Contact Person
    Students having technical problems with Blackboard  should contact Derrick Conway at 335-6682 or dconway@odessa.edu

  • All students MUST attend one of the following Blackboard Training sessions in the LRC 302:
    Monday, July 7  at 2 pm & 5 pm          
    Tuesday, J
    uly 8 at 10:30 am & 2 pm
    Wednesday, July 9 at 7 pm

    --20 bonus points for attendance.

  • Go to the Blackboard Discussion Board (by clicking on "Communication" in Blackboard's menu) and post your personal bio and respond to another student's bio by 10 pm Wed. July 9-5 bonus points
  • Send email to instructor by 1 pm Wednesday July 9--5 bonus points (those late registering email ASAP to get on email list)
  • Instructor suggestion: click on all of buttons to left, read and print out information & put in 3-ring binder for future reference during the semester.

  • Voter's Card: Students can earn bonus points by showing proof they are registered to vote.  Simply email a scanned copy of your voter's card to me or fax a copy to 335-6667.
    20 bonus points

  • Here are some important links if you have questions or problems concerning Blackboard:

  • Getting Started: http://www.odessa.edu/virtual/student/gettingstarted.htm

    Blackboard Login Instructions: http://www.odessa.edu/virtual/bblogin.htm

    Blackboard System Requirements: http://www.odessa.edu/virtual/blackboard/requirements.htm

    Blackboard Browser Configuration: http://www.odessa.edu/virtual/blackboard/browser.html

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    Brian K. Dille



Instructor:  Dr. Brian K. Dille 
Office: Deaderick Hall 209
Office Phone: 432/335-6592
Fax: 432/335-6667
E-mail: bdille@odessa.edu
Surface Mail: Odessa College
201 West University
Odessa, Texas 79764
Office Hours: I will check emails and phone messages daily, ususally in the morning before noon.                                                                                                              
Blackboard: Click here to go to the Blackboard login page.  The OC webmaster will enroll you in this course on Blackboard.  Once that is done, you will only need to login each time, click "Courses", then "Government 2305-Summer II", and you will be in my course for test-taking, assignments, announcements, etc.  Blackboard will be used to take exams, post assignments, and where discussion topics will be posted and responded to. You MUST be enrolled on Blackboard to continue in this course.



  • 4 on-line exams (50 objective questions) = 100 points each

  • a final exam (100 objective questions) = 200 points

  • 2 Summaries (based on posted discussion topics)  = 100 points each

  • 2 web assignment papers  = 100 points each 

  • TOTAL POINTS in course: 1000 points (+ 35 bonus points to be earned--explained in top table above)

  • VCT STUDENTS CAN TAKE THE FINAL IN A PROCTORED TESTING SITE ON THEIR HOME CAMPUS.  VCT students MUST provide the instructor with all necessary information  AT LEAST one week prior to the final exam (by June 21):
    • Contact person
    • Mailing address
    • Email address
    • Fax number
    • Phone number
  • Any student wanting to take the final exam off-campus MUST make arrangements with the instructor by July 31 and provide all of the information listed above.



  • All assignments are to be in Microsoft Word. 

  • Include your name, last 4 numbers of your social security number, date, & assignment title at the top of page 1 of ALL assignments (or a letter grade will be deducted).

  • All assignments MUST to be posted in Blackboard's Digital Drop Box to receive credit.   

  • Click on the  "Digital Drop Box" button and then "Send Files" to post all assignments. 




In the summer web course, late assignments will only be accepted up to 1 days (24 hours) after the due date--with a letter grade deductionNo late assignments will be accepted after that.


Contact Persons at Odessa College for Students with Problems

In order of preference:

Student Email: (Reminder: Email accounts should be active 12-24 hours after a student registers)

Student Learning Center-

Angela Tombs 335-6714 email: atombs@odessa.edu

Student Email Problems

Patrick Cannady 335-6615 email: pcannady@odessa.edu

 Blackboard and Web:

Derrick Conway 335-6682 email: dconway@odessa.edu

 Webadvisor and Colleague:

Maxine Benson 335-6442 mbenson@odessa.edu

Chuck Everett 335-6664 ceverett@odessa.edu


Grievance Policy - Chain of Command

Student -> Instructor -> Department Chair -> Division Dean ->
 Vice President -> President -> Board of Trustees



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