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Dr. Mark Jordan ~ ENGL 2311: Technical Writing

Getting Started: Step One

If you have not already done so, at this time you should go to the "About Me" link and read the Frequently Asked Questions there, along with my answers. These are designed mainly to forewarn students who either should not be in this course or who may be taking the course for the wrong reasons (it is not less work, for example).
After you have done that, send an email right away to me at markwjordan@earthlink.net providing the following information.

No need to rewrite the questions; just use the numbers in front of your answers. Keep in mind that my computer will automatically record whatever email address you send from, and I will send your messages to that address, so if possible please send this first message from the email account you will normally use. Please answer the questions requiring technical data (what browser, etc.) as best you can, but the most important thing is for you to get this first email message to me as soon as possible. Until I hear from you this first time, you have not officially begun the course.

Here are the questions:

1. Have you formally registered for this course, either at OC or via the VCT? (You must do one or the other to take the course.)

2. Have you had the ENGL 1302 prerequisite, or its equivalent at some other school?

3. First and last name

4. Email address you will be using for this course

5. Home telephone number, including area code

6. Work number (including area code) if it's alright to call you there

7. Surface mail address (will be needed for returning papers, etc.)

8. Your word processor and version (exmp: MS Word 97 for PC) Note: you must have a word processor software program with full editing capability such as MS Word or Wordperfect; you will need features such as spellchecking, ability to change from single to double spacing, different font selections and sizes, different font emphases such as bold, italics, etc. These features are needed for the major assignments. "Watered down" WP programs such as Notepad or Wordpadare not acceptable.

9. Do you have fax capability? Have you actually used it successfully? What is your fax phone #?

10. Have you ever successfully completed a web-based course for college credit? What, when, & where is the most recent one?

11. Do you have daily access to the Internet?

12. Will you be using a computer where you live for this course? If not, whose computer and where? Note that you will need daily distraction-free access to this computer, preferably one at your home.

13. Will you be using your own email account? If not, whose?

14. Can you and will you check email at least every other day?

15. In months, how long have you been using the World Wide Web?

16. If you have a personal Web site, what is the URL?

Getting Started: Steps Two through Five

Two: Read these pages first.

You can look over the rest of the sites at your leisure. Please pay special attention to my desire that I hear from you every day or so during the semester.

Four: Go to Assignments.

Prior to the first week of the semester, no specific major assignments will be posted. However, the first introductory assignments will be posted several days before the formal semester begins.

If there is an assignment posted, note the due date and begin working. Don't be shy about emailing me with questions. Make a habit of checking this Assignments Calendar at least every other weekday.

Three: Buy the textbook.

The only text required is

  • Technical Communication. 9th ed. John M. Lannon. Addison Wesley Longman, 2003

. Note that the textbook is required. If you need it mailed to you, contact the OC Bookstore:

  • 432.335.6654
  • http://www.odessa.edu/dept/bookstore/
Five: Join Nicenet.

Clicking the above link will take you to my page containing instructions.

However, this step must wait until you have emailed me with your answers to the questions in Step One.

I will send you the key to Nicenet entry by return email. You cannot join my class on Nicenet without this key.


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