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Dr. Mark Jordan ~ ENGL 1301: Composition & Rhetoric

Getting Started: Steps One & Two

As noted on the Welcome page, as of Fall 2008 this course will be run through Blackboard.  With that in mind, the first two steps for you are to activate your OC email account, which you must do to use Blackboard, and log into the course within Blackboard.  From there, the first two assignments are accessible.

Before beginning, please note that some of you may have already done one or both of these steps before reading about them here.  If so, well and good; no problem.  If not, then proceed below.


You must activate your OC email account in order to use Blackboard for this course.  Note that beginning in summer of '09, OC uses a new student email account called "gmail."  If you have an older OC student email account, you need to activate your new gmail account!  You will do this from the OC home page, in the upper right corner; or, even easier, click on this link:  /gmail/ .  Once at the link, just follow the step-by-step instructions you will find there.   It is crucial that you activate this account and check it daily!  If there is some problem with an assignment you submit (wrong file format, empty or corrupted file, etc.) then this is how I tell you.  So if you do not check this account for such messages, you would receive a zero on that assignment.


The link to Blackboard is found also on the OC home page, just above the Student Email link in the upper right hand corner.  Or, once again, I will give you a link, but first you should read these added steps, which may not be obvious.  You might want to print this out.

  1. Either use the link below these steps, or go to the OC home page to the same link.
  2. Once at the Blackboard login site, choose user login. 
  3. The next screen asks for your username and password.  Your username consists of your first initial, last initial, and your student ID #, leaving off any beginning zeroes.  Example:  You are George Regardless, and your ID# is 0000123456, so your username is gr123456. 
  4. Your password consists of the letters "oc" and the last four digits of your Social Security number.  Example:  oc7565.
  5. The next screen will show all the various courses you are enrolled in.  This could be one or several.  Note:  You cannot enter this course until I have made the course available.  I will do that the day before the course begins.  For late adds, the system will continue to enroll such students once a day throughout late registration.  If you think you are in my course and can't find the course on Blackboard or can't get into Blackboard at all, contact me immediately via email:  mjordan@odessa.edu .
  6. The next screen you should see is my Course Announcements page.  Proceed from there according to the instructions found in Blackboard.  You have several preliminary, relatively simple assignments due by the end of Week One.

Here is the Blackboard link:  /blackboard.htm  .

Welcome ~ Getting Started ~ Syllabus ~ Assignments ~

Writing Process ~ Errorlogs ~ Email ~ Three-Part Format ~ About Me ~ Links

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