English 1302  (Composition and Literature)

Course Prerequisites:  English 1301.

Description:  English 1302 presents the principal genres of literature—fiction, poetry, and drama—in conjunction with research techniques.

Literature:  An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama, 10th edition Kennedy & Gioia, Pearson Longman Publishing Co.


Reading: Regular textbook reading assignments plus online handouts or assigned websites as well as the writing of others in the class.  

Learning Outcomes:
    The ability to read assigned literary works from the three literary genres studied;
    The ability to complete writing assignments equivalent to two-three analytical papers from different genres;
    Competence in the analysis and interpretation of literature from each of the three genres; and
    Knowledge of key literary and research terms and techniques, including MLA documentation.
    The ability to complete exams from each literary genre and to participate in study groups and class discussions
Three-five exams (including the final exam*)
Two-three research essays (MLA Style)
*(Failure to complete the final may result in a failing grade for the course) 

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