English 1302 (Composition & Literature)
Two Way Compressed Class

Because your high school classes usually begin a full week before college coursework begins, here is a reading assignment which should be completed prior to our first televised broadcast.  If you do not
have your book, I have included links where you can read the stories online.

This is a web-enhanced course which will make use of the Blackboard Learning System.
You will receive instructions when class begins.

The following textbook is required for this course


Literature:  An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama, 10th ed.
 Kennedy & Gioia Pearson Longman Publishing Co. 



Read  A&P (15).  Here is the link to the online text if you do not have your book:  http://www.tiger-town.com/whatnot/updike/

Also, read A Rose for Emily (29) or click here to read the story online:  http://xroads.virginia.edu/~drbr/wf_rose.html 

As you read, pay particular attention to the main characters in both these stories.  For instance, what kind of person does Sammy appear to be to other characters around him?  Is he just trying to "impress the girls," or does he appear to have another motivation?  In other words, what is going on below the surface with Sammy, and how is the reader made aware that Sammy is much more complex than he appears to be? 

Caution to the Reader:  As a reader, the only clues you will have at your disposal to better understand and interpret short fiction, poetry, drama, or any literature are the individual words as they appear on the page.  For this reason, you must be  both alert and engaged in the literature as you read.  The literature we will be exploring together is some of the very best ever written and will require your full focus and concentration if you expect to be successful in this course.  This is not the type of reading you can approach casually while you watch TV and talk to your friends on a cell phone.  I would recommend that you find a quiet place away from distractions and allow enough time to read each assignment through at least two-three times.  

Also, be prepared this semester to learn a new vocabulary, the vocabulary of literature.  You will learn to use and apply terms like protagonist, plot, setting, tone, and mood--just to mention a few.  This new vocabulary is the key we will use to unlock and explore the world of fiction, poetry and drama.      

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