English 1301 (Composition & Rhetoric)
Two Way Compressed Class

Because your high school classes usually begin a full week before college coursework begins, here is some work for your first essay assignment which should be completed prior to our first televised broadcast.


This is a web-enhanced course which will make use of the Blackboard Learning System.
You will receive instructions when class begins.

The College Experience

      Why do you believe students fail in college? What happens to them?  

Why do you think students fail college?  Do you think it is because they are unable to do the work, or are they simply overwhelmed?  Maybe you think they are just too lazy to do their work.  Are there any other less obvious factors?  First, jot down some reasons why you think student fail in college.  Then, since you all have access to computers to complete your assignments for this class, access the Internet and, using a good search engine (such as Google, MSN, Alta Vista, etc.), search for more information about this topic.  You will be amazed how much information is available. 

For your first assignment, find at least two web sites that contain articles or information about this writing topic.  First, print a copy of the information at both sites.  (Look in the bottom left hand corner; is the web address of the site printed there?  If not, copy the web address onto the printed copies)  Do any of the ideas you see expressed there agree with your own?  Mark ideas from both sites which you agree and disagree with.  Now, after you have selected and printed copies of the two sites you will use in your essay, read the information contained at each site carefully and determine for yourself which ideas you agree and disagree with. 

Eventually, from this information, you will generate a thesis driven, well organized essay and explain your views in context with ideas expressed in each site.  Your essay will contain an introduction, three body paragraphs with topic sentences which are directly related to your thesis, and a conclusion.

However, do not begin writing your essay.  We will spend time together in class discussing the different components of the writing process before you actually begin composing.  For this first week, just locate and study at least two sources to quote in your first essay. 

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