English 2323  (British Literature, Part II)

Course Prerequisites:  English 1302

Description:  A survey course which consists of reading and analyzing significant works of British literature beginning with the Romantic Period and culminating with the Twentieth Century.


The Norton Anthology of English Literature, The Major Authors, Volume B, 8th ed.  David, Donaldson, etal., W. W. Norton & Co: New York  


Reading: Regular textbook reading assignments plus online handouts or assigned websites as well as the writing of others in the class.  

Learning Outcomes:
Upon the completion of this course, students will demonstrate the ability to:
    Recognize the basic elements of fiction (plot, theme, character, symbol, style, and point of view) as they appear in selected works of British literature
    Recognize recurring themes as they appear in selected works of British literature
    Demonstrate the understanding of selected assignments by responding to evaluation that tests the ability to read closely
    Read and analyze both masterpieces and secondary works of British literature and demonstrate a knowledge of literary   genres and terminology.
    Recognize the major movements and periods of British literature from the Romantic Period through the Twentieth Century.
    Communicate an understanding of British literature through papers, projects, and assignments written in clear, well-organized prose.

Overall Course Competencies:
Identify the characteristics and significance of the generally-accepted periods of the second half of British Literature: Romantic, Victorian, and Modern.
    Read and analyze masterpieces and, where necessary, secondary works of each of the major periods of British literature: epic, poetry, fiction, and drama.
    Compare, contrast, and synthesize works and ideas in a perceptive fashion.
    Use standard terminology and techniques to analyze works from the various genres.
    Understand the themes and significance of literary works.
    Express results of literary analysis in a clear, well-organized style.
    Understand the relation of a work to its period and to British literature as a whole.
    Participate in all assigned work.

 Assigned Discussion Board topics
Five - seven tests including the final exam*    
    One research essay                
*(Failure to complete the final may result in a failing grade for the course)

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