English 0370 (Developmental English)

Course Description:
A compensatory course designed to improve basic thinking and writing skills.  Emphasizes essay development and  use of conventional English. Requires essays composed in response to various prompts. Prepares student for THEA and other state-approved alternate tests as well as ENGL 1301. The student must attain a C or better in this course or pass the English portion of the THEA or other state-approved alternate tests before enrolling in English 1301. Credit probably not transferable. Does not satisfy requirements for any degree plan at Odessa College.

Corequisite: Students who have not passed the reading section of THEA or the state-approved alternate tests must enroll in a reading class.

Textbook:  None required

Learning Outcomes: 
Recognize and write complete sentences.
    Recognize and correct fragments, fused sentences, and comma splices;
    Recognize and correctly use subordinators and coordinators;
    Recognize and implement dependent and independent clauses;
    Recognize and implement basic punctuation (e.g. comma);
    Demonstrate a basic understanding of the correct use of nouns and verbs;
    Demonstrate a basic understanding of pronoun use and pronoun reference;
Write an essay which meets the following criteria:
    Write unified, coherent five-paragraph essays, each containing a clear thesis statement, an adequately developed introduction, topic sentences, substantive content, and a closing paragraph;
    Write a unified, coherent paragraph that contains a clear topic sentence;
    Provide adequate supporting detail, and distinguish between general and specific information;
    Demonstrate an ability to proofread and revise work.
Since the student will be expected to utilize computers in composing essays, consult the course website, and access practice exams via the Internet, this course prepares the learner to achieve the following technology basics:
    Increase computer usage skills (opening, closing, saving to a disk);
    Demonstrate the ability to use a software program (e.g. Microsoft Word);
    Demonstrate some ability to use the Internet as a research tool;

Assigned Discussion Board topics
Five-eight five paragraph essays, including final exam essay*
Grammar quizzes
*(Failure to complete the final may result in a failing grade for the course) 

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