Course Requirements
To successfully complete an online course, you will need
    Regular access to a computer and access to a backup computer
    Regular access to the Internet
   OC Student email account
   A word processing program of some type (Word, WordPerfect, Works, etc.) *

*It would probably be easier for you as a student if you have all of the above available at home.  However, the facilities provided in the Student Learning Center (3rd floor, Library Bldg) are available for use by students enrolled in online courses.  Follow the link for more information about the Center and the services they regularly provide to OC students. 


Grading Policy:
Unless prior arrangements have been made with me, five points will be deducted for overdue assignments; after one week, late assignments will receive a grade of "F." 

The first instance of plagiarism will be assigned a grade of zero (0).  The second instance will result in an F in the course.  Grammar quizzes must be completed during assigned testing dates; late quizzes will receive a grade of 0.

Internet Resources:
Here are some web dictionaries which may also be helpful:

As a substitute for a grammar text, some of the following websites are very helpful:

Plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional use of another personís work or ideas as your own without citing the source.   Mistakenly, many students believe that by shuffling word order, changing or omitting a few words, or rewriting using their own words, they have not committed plagiarism, which is not the case. Anything you quote (words, numbers, charts, etc.) directly from any source (book, journal article, Internet, etc.) MUST be enclosed within quotation marks.  Additionally, if you borrow thoughts or ideas, you must still give credit to the original source.

Take pains to identify the author of any quotation, paraphrase, or summary. Credit by name the originator of any fact or quotation you useóno matter where it comes from. Please refer to Plagiarism and the Internet below.

Make sure you indicate where another writer's ideas stop and where yours begin using transition words:  According to Jim Knox, author of Blowing Your Own Horn, ď------------------------------.Ē  However, in my own view, ----------. 

If, at any place, your written version looks close to the exact words of the original, carefully rewrite it in your own words.

 The key to avoiding plagiarism is to give proper credit whenever the following are used:

Plagiarism and the Internet:  Many sources of information on the Internet appear to have no stated or obvious authors.  However, this does not mean that the information belongs to the public domain or is general knowledge and not subject to documentation.   If the material you use in your writing is not your own work, the source must be documented. Since much of the information available on the Internet carries no specific author credit, authorship must be assigned to the organization or individual responsible for constructing and/or maintaining the web site on which the information appears. ________________________________

Tutoring Services:
The Student Learning Center is located on the third floor of the LRC (Library Bldg.).  It is easy to find because it is the only three-story building on campus.  Please refer to their website for more information about the Center  or email the director, Angela Tombs, at 

Tutoring services are available during the following semesters:   Fall, Spring, and both Summer I and II.

Online tutoring services, including summer, are now available.  Contact Ms. Tombs for more information and further instructions.

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