Fast and Focused Fall


Beginning in Fall 2014, Odessa College will split the 16 week fall semester into two 8 week terms: August 25 – October 15 and October 20 – December 12.

This new fast and focused format will allow you to concentrate on 2 classes at a time – and the best part: at the end of each 8 week term you will take 2 final exams instead of 4!

We anticipate that our current full time students will take three courses per 8 week term, while students who are balancing work and school will take two. Regardless, the outcome will be increased semester credit hours for both students when compared to the traditional semester.

The new 8 week format will support the overachievers, the working students, and the academically struggling students reach their goals and learn MORE.


Visit the Wrangler Express Center or your Success Coach in the new Campus Center to learn more. You can also call 432-335-6400 chat with an enrollment services specialist now.